Audio and topic for final listening/reaction test

In January, we will have a final listening test. you will also have to write your reaction to the topic of the audio report. The listening report is 5 minutes and is from the BBC.
Your test will include comprehension questions, fill in the blank questions, and a written reaction question.

Listen to the audio and prepare for the test.

Here is the introduction to the audio clip:

   Should government be focussing its attention on getting a little bit of extra cash to the JAMs – the Just About Managing – or should they focus not on the state of people’s bank balances but their wellbeing instead?
   An international conference is being staged at LSE which will make just that argument.
   The ambition is for the conference to have as big an impact on policies on wellbeing around the world as the OECD’s 1961 conference on human capital, which propelled education to the centre of global policy-making.
   Economist Professor Lord Richard Layard, director of the Wellbeing Programme at the LSE explains.

Have a good winter vacation!

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