Internationl marrige


Do you think about international marrige? Recently, people who marry foreigner is increasing. So we are goning to introduce to it. We have four members: Misaki, Mihoko, Keiko and Rika.

Hello, I’m Misaki. I think international marriage is nice but there are many difficulties. There are two reasons. One is that. A parrty have to live in marriage partner’s country. So we can’t meet family and friend immediately. The other is that. It is hard to communicate and understand the minute nuance of usage. That’s why, I think international marriage would make the burden too heavy him or her.

Hello, I ‘m Mihoko.I think it’s good thing. My sister got married to American. she looks to be very happy. Of course, Japasnese culture and American’s one are very different. Sometimes they have a quarrel because of this problem. But each time they have a qurrel, they can understand each culture and they can accept it. I think this problem makes them more happier.

Hi! I’m Keiko, I think internatinal marriage is difficult.There are many problem. For example, culture,food,language and family relationships.But,I admire it. Because I have an imagenation that foreigner are kind and cool than japanese men.And, I expect their baby is maybe very cute.

Hi, I’m Rika. I think International marrige may be little difficult, because their culture is different. But I think there are many good things. For example, we can become to speak a marrige partner’s language well and we can understand each other’s culture more deeply. Moreover, it is possible that their children can become a bilingual.

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