The power of a smile


Hello, my name is Kohei. Today I’m going to talk about what I believe. Which do you like better the person who is angry or people who smiles? Of course you will choose the person who smiles. Many people do not realize the power of a smile. When you smile, your heart is filled with joy. Smiling has the power to calm fear, insecurity, hurt and anxiety. You can be calm and composed all day long. You also can strike another person as good impression. Every time you smile at someone, you surely can make friends with him or her. Smiles make people attractive. The people who are irritable can forget the anger with your smile.

Moreover, a smile is good for your health. When you smile, the natural killer cells actively work against cancer cells. In addition, smiles contribute stress reduction, arteriosclerosis, and the dementia. It also helps you to solve problems. If you encounter many difficulties, I think you can conquer the problems with a smile. When you face troubles, you must feel stress. In such a case, you should smile. You can get yourself together and wrestle with a difficult problems calmly. All things will go well, so I believe a smile.

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