Take It Easy


Hi, I’m Misaki.

In daily life, we face many happenings. Some things are good but some are bad. When some people face difficulties, sometimes they are thrown into despair, feel not good, and they lose their motivation. “Why I have a bitter experience?” they lament. But everything that happens every day has a meaning whether it’s good or bad. This is a matter of certainty. At a time like this, if you have positive thinking it will help you. How about the people surrounding you? Are there friends like this? If you can think positively, you can attract good things. If you haven’t this stance, it causes negative things one after another. When you overslept, and had to wear no makeup it looks awful for you, but you are lucky too. It is good to make it funny story for your friends. About two years ago, I was under constant pressure from a university entrance exam and spent everyday with an uneasy conscience. At the time, my father said to me bad things don’t last long. This phrase is very simple, but it affected me. That’s why I have a constructive way of thinking. In such a way, everything depends on your way of thinking. So we all have a power to get what you think. Just to thinking, your daily life will be better and you can have a satisfying day.

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