The Future Technology



           I believe future technology will change our lives unimaginably. It has been our dream from our childhood. For instance, the car that is able to move by new energy. New energy means not petrol. If air, magnets and water are able to use as new energy, it’s extremely interesting for me. And some of these images are already becoming feasible.  I want to explain about unimaginable things.

   The most interesting future technology is the technology of agelessness and deathlessness. Humans absolutely get a disease in life. It’s cannot prevented by technology nowadays but 50 years later, we’ll be able to prevent the disease even if it’s a severe disease. The method is nano technology that extremely small robots. It can get in to our body and see all of organs. Therefore, if you have a sever disease, it can find it immediately so you always know about your health. This technology can help even if you have a mental problem. Nano technology is able to control mental health because it can invade to your brain and control anger, sorrow and joy. However, if this technology appeared in the future, some people will against that these feelings being controlled by nano technology.

  However, I think humans being will need for nano technology. Recently, a lot of new diseases are appearing around the world. Humans will be threatened with extinction. That’s why I think humans will need for nano technology.

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