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Hi! My name is Yoko.
This time I want to talk about the big big earthquake and tsunami which occurred in Japan this spring.
It was March 11th; a day I remember so clearly.
Now, in Japan it is called 3.11, like 9.11 in the US. It means that the disaster was so big that we can compare the two – of course one was natural and the other manmade.

On this subject,  I interviewed  Aaron from Guam and Nicole from Kansas,  both from U.S.

I asked what was going on around them at the time.

Let’s have listen!



Y:Ok. So I’ll ask some questions about 3.11, and your name is Arron. It’s ok? Fine?
A:Yeah my name is Aaron.
Y: Yes, thank you!  And where were you when the earthquake struck?
A:I was in Guam.
Y:Yeah and…
A:Oh what was I doing…I was playing WorldWide cup when that happened then.          Everyone’s in a library, had that any tricky news about the earthquake.
So after that I checked the news at internet and I got other distractions, tsunami.
Y:Oh so you have watched Tsunami live on the internet.
A:Yeah I have watched on the Internet. and on the news.
Y:How did you feel that?
A:I was pretty sad…It was …How to say…not amazing, cause this is kind of sacrifice…
Yeah just watching, staying the water, pushing everything away, lots of people died.
Y:So have you experienced something like this before?
A:Kind of. In guam there lots of p〜gmiration, no one really died such like this. After p〜ment Water, killer water.
Many people died after water. I think I’ve got more knowledge that as.
Y:When you knew about earthquake and tunami you’ve already decided to come Japan?
A:Yeah. My parents were kind of worry, they don’t really want me to come. But I still want to come.
Y:After this, has your feeling Even though there’s lots of
A:I can’t really change. I guess  it’s still positive. Cause After Katrina happened. and news and everywhere 〜〜〜. those are pretty mean(?).
Y:So if this collage, Obirin is near Tohoku, you would come or not?
A:I would personally still want to come, but my parents wouldn’t want me to go. They really neither.
Y:I think so. Difficult to come.
A:Yeah difficult. But I still personally wanted to come.
Y:How the image of Japan about disaster and the also nuclear things??
A:Nuclear things are kind of sacary. We even nuclear in West coast and Guam. But my image is of Japan is still positive.


Y: Hi nicole!

N: Hey! what’s up!

Y: I gonna ask you some questions about the big big earthquake of Japan.  The first, where were you when the earthquake struck?

N: When the erthquake struck,

Y: Yeah?

N: I was in Machida, I was on the date.

Y: Wow! What’s happened!

N: We went into the restaurant, and orderd some pizza, and then we ordered some beer and we sat down.  And then the earthquake happened, like after we ordered beer.  So…it was really scary cause I’ve never experienced like that earthquake in my life.

Y: Oh! The first time!n Yeah that was my first time of this big earthquake cause I’m from Kansas, in Kansas there’s no earthquake was so scary   And that was 3.11, and they made us sweep from the restaurant and how do we made up to Fuchinobe.  The tarains were not working for going back home so.

Y: So that was the first time, first experience like that.n Yeah, very very first experience of earthquake.y And so big!

N: yeah, I felt like some role comeng or something.

Y: Mnn…! Did you feel any change of Japan, like people or other things in town?  In town, so many people to get back to home for walking, cause of no train…

N: Well it made me realize that corn of having public tranceportation, like we are out, we gotta stuck at there.  I felt kind of frustrated to get back Machida to home.

But it made me thanks for the train. After words tirains started running again, I was like “Oh trains running!”!  I was so happy with trains came back.

Y: yeah, I also think it’s important, and very usefull.  So, did you watch any tunami live at TV or something?

N: No. cause I got back home from Machida, I didn’t have internet or these. I wasn’t abele to see.  But next day, I saw on the news. I was really shocked. I didn’t get it from live.y In the news, same images again and again from TV.n Yeah that was horrible. I was so scared.

Y: So I am.  So after that has your feeling or image of Japan changed?

N: It has changed, but it’s got more positive. Like Hurricane Katrina happened, people were stealing from each other and people were completly panicking.  But in Japan, people were panicking but no one stealing from each other, and helping each other. Like even Yakuza, they helped out up the north.  So I was like how owesome is that! Even though most degerous and criminal things.

Y: Oh I’m happy to hear that…!

N:Yeah! Now I think maybe better impression of Japanese people. No ones stealing and pushing out at the store.   But it’s kind of wired cause what I expect from natural disaster, people is shoving and stealing. Japanese people didn’t do that so “Oh Japan is great county”.  people had been standing in a line 5 hours for piece of bread. That is amazing.

Y: Don’t make me cry…

N: Don’t cry…!

Y: I’m so happy to hear that cause many overseas people don’t want to come Japan cause of this.

N: It was bad for me, it made me to back to home. But I did’n care too much so I came back.

Y: Yeah I was really happy when I heard you came back!          Thank you so mush!!




That was my interview from my friends.
Did you hear that?!
they, Aaron and Nicole have good impressions of Japan after 3.11,
Of course Japan is in a bad situation and we have to care about these, tunami, earthquake, nuclear things. I can understand Aaron’s parents’ opinion.
But friends said they  got impressed Japanese people behavior after suffered.
As they said, sufferers were orderly, and disclipt, although panicked truely. but they are appealing how those were serious by fair ways.
We can proud these people’s behavior. and this is japanese people’s power.
We must know we have still specialy nice points of japanese still and get positive action include these difficult problems.

Thank you for listenig!
we,all japanese continue to make efforts!

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