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 Hi! Our name is Chiaki, Mihoko. On March 11, a terrible disaster occurred in Japan. This news surprised all of the world. Today, we’re going to interview my sister’s husband and a student of Obirin university about this earthquake.

 My sister’s husband works in the US army, and he works for the victims of this earthquake under ”Operation Tomodati”.And a student of Obirin university is a American. He interested in Japan, so he is closely related with this Japan situation.

Please listen to our interview!

At first, we are going to intervew to mihoko’s sister’s hudsband.

Q1, Why did you come to Japan?

  I came to Japan few times, because I’m military, I joined military at2001,so I joined military, so that I can travel, and I got a opportunity to be station at camp Zama Japan, ah,,, I took the opportunity and that why I am here now.

Q2,Where were you when the earthquake happened?

  When the earthquake happened, I was on camp Zama Japan at my work building and ions. I was sitting on my desk, and doing everyday operations.

Q3,What did you do at the y time?

 Well, at the time of the earthquake, (I couldn’t hear clearly) just another earthquake, I gotta used on so, I ignored many of the earthquake and I ignored this one but kept shaking and kept getting harder and harder, I couldn’t ignore any more, so books started to fall of my shelf, on to my computer desk, I went to door way, interested on my

Office (I couldn’t hear clearly)

Q4,What did you think when you heard this news at first?

  At first I mean , I felt the news, I felt the earthquake and the news was, it seemed the worst (I couldn’t hear clearly) I know it’s pretty bad, (I couldn’t hear clearly), my wife, my daughter my wife’s sister, so I was worried about them, also I knew that it’s gonna be news (I couldn’t hear clearly) getting contact with mam because I know she’s worried about me, and the news makes things out be pretty bad, and I saw actually on the news, I saw how terrible it was, it was a very huge disaster.

Second  Today, I will interview to Obirin student. He name is a Christian.

Chiaki : Hi !

Christian : Hello !

Q1, Why did you come to Japan?

 I came Japan to study Japanese. A also to experience culture was likes live in Japan.This is first time, actually study abroad live home country.

Q2, Where were you, when the earthquake happened?

 I was in America. Ah, my plans to leave on 15 th March. So, couple day after happened earthquake. (I couldn’t hear clearly)airport …to flight.

Q3, What did you do at that time?

 During time earthquake, couples next two weeks I was constantly. Search on internet watch the news stations see was situation was goin on with a new clear power play … Tsunami everything.

Q4,  What did you think when you heard this news at first?

 I was dumbfounded. I didn’t feel like a real.(I couldn’t hear clearly) Is no way…This can be …by as no nomal(I couldn’t hear clearly) more more imformation came in… Iwas .


 This earthquake is very shocking thing. But, we must not get depressed. Let’s think positively. A person all over the world is an ally for us.

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