earthguake on March 11th

Keiko1.メモ-1Hello,my name is Keiko.My partner is yuki.

On March 11th, a huge earthquake in the Tohoku Region occurred.Many pepole died,lost  their house or other important things.

Also. there is a serious problem of radiation after the Fukisima Nuclerar power station was dameged. The word’s media continues to follow this strory.

Since then ,people all over the world have helped Japan.But the stricken area has not recovered. Today we are going to  interview about this earthquake to two students studying abroad.


Hello, my name is Mary.

I will interview about earthquake.

Q Were you in Japan on March 11th?

A No, I was not.

Q Where were you then?

A  I was home in Hawaii.

Q What do you think about this disaster?

A  Really sad.

Q Japan has some serious problem. One of them is a problem of power shortage.

What do you think about this problem?

A  Really a fortunes.

Q Have you begin prepare for precautions of earthquake since then?

A  No, not really.

Q What can you do for the stricken area?

A  so, many it’s money hope the  cars.

Thank you.


Earthquake on March 11th is very sad things. Many countries cooperated with a revival in Japan. It’s a very glad things. My heart is full of gratitude. So, we have to  take back energy little by little.

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