I believe in family ties.

I believe in family ties

I believe in family ties.

I believe in family ties. I’m a family of four and I live all by myself in Tokyo now.

My mother and father call everyday because they worry about me.My sister teaches me many things, for example, how to solve trouble such as the relationship of friends or my boyfriend.

They do many things for me.My parents pay very expensive school fees for me.My sister always takes sides with me.

I can live by the grace of their support and I can feel real love from my family even we have along distance between us.

Luckily, my family is also growing. My sister gave birth to a baby in September 25th last year.I have a very cute niece. Of course, I would do anything for her.

Even if all my friends betrayed me, my family wouldn’t leave me.

So, I think that family ties are the strongest love.This is the reason why I believe in family ties.

If I am married with someone, and I have children, I can realize it more than now.I want my children to feel the same love that I feel now.

But I have to find a cool guy before that!

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