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Hello everyone. I’m Misaki. The big earthquake happened on March.11th 2011. So today I’m going to interview an English teacher about the earthquake. So let’s start with an interviewee.

M: Hi, what your name please.

M.B: My name is Marcos Benevides.

M: OK. Can you tell me where are you from?

M.B: I’m Canadian, but I was born in Brazil.

M:Brazil. OK. I’d like to ask you some questions about the earthquake that happened on March11th 2011. OK?

M.B: OK.

M: So my first question is that. When the earthquake happened, where were you?

M.B: I was at home but I was I just left my house, so I was on the street on my scooter on my bike.

M: OK. How did you feel?

M.B: I felt very strange because I had been working in my house until about three whenever the earthquake happened. I woke up and I was alone in my house all day I was working from earlier morning and I didn’t eat any food or anything. I just sat in my computer and worked worked worked. In suddenly at 2:30 I looked my watch and I thought oh! it’s 2:30, I didn’t anything I should go get some food. So I jumped on my scooter and I went to the bakery and when I was stopped the red light, the earthquake happened. But because the scooter vibrates, I didn’t notice. I thought I was sick because I didn’t eat so thought “oh! I’m gonna full”. But then I saw people coming out of the buildings and I thought oh, no! It’s an earthquake then I stopped but before that I felt very strange because I thought I was sick, you know?

M: Okay. Did you think about going back to your country?

M.B: No.

M: No? Why?

M.B: Because I live in Japan.

M: You live with family?

M.B: Yes.

So Japan is not safety because the earthquake happened. You don’t didn’t nervous in Japan?

Oh! Of course I was nervous, but everywhere is dangerous. In Canada we have snow storms and the in other country is there’re hurricanes and tornadoes. So Japan has earthquake but it’s only. Every place has all dangerous. So I don’t think you can’t escape from death. You know?

M: Yeah, I think. You didn’t miss your family?

M.B: My family was in Okinawa.

M: Really?

M.B: Uh, my family is Japanese.

M: No, your father and your mother.

M.B: Did I miss them? No, I don’t know why I would. I mean usually I miss them but during the earthquake I didn’t miss them more.

M.B: OK. So when the earthquake happens, will you think about your mind change your mind if another earthquake happened?
M: Yes.

M.B: No, in fact since the earthquake I bought a house in Japan. So before Japan was my home but now is really my home, because now I have a house. So if another earthquake happens, I will to “ganbatte” like everybody else, alright? So.

M: OK. Have you done any volunteer worked or helped for Tohoku people?
M.B: Ah,for Tohoku. Well right after the earthquake, I donated money to Japanese Red Cross but I didn’t volunteer work to go there. Because I wanted to go there because I was alone,Alright? My family is Okinawa. So I was actually little bit bold because there was no power and all that. So I wanted to go Tohoku to help but there’re too many people to go there is not good. So I in the end I didn’t go there. But now my house, I am making new window, so took out the old window. And I my wife wants to donate to the window to Tohoku, because they need materials to build houses, alright? So I think we’ll do that too. But we have only only donated money, we haven’t done other things yet.

M: Thank you.

M.B: You’re welcome.
M: Thank you. My question is fished.
M.B: It’s finish? OK. Good luck!


The earthquake brought Japan serious damages. This earthquale claimed the many lives. It was awful. But on the other hand, I felt the power and cooprative attitude of all people. I learned that there are no national boundaries in people’s warm heart. So thank you for listening. See you!

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