After the March 11th earthquake


Let us begin Brewster  podcast.   How are you?  This is Yuichiro. And today’s commentator is Motoki Sakurai.

Hi, this is Motoki.

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Our interview about 3.11


1. Introduction

Hi, I’m Kohei! Welcome to our show. As you know, a very large earthquake occurred in Japan on March 11. There were many victims of tsunami and the nuclear power plant has become a subject of argument all over the world.

Now I and Yu would like to introduce our interviews about the earthquake. We asked some questions about it to people from abroad. Please listen it!



My name is Sam Good and I’m from the United States of America.

Q1 Yu: Hi Sam, Because of the earthquake and the nuclear power problem, did your family and friends object to you living in Japan?

Sam: That’s a difficult question,,, I think they did object a little bit. Not friends, my friends were OK. My family thought it maybe little dangerous because of radiation in the food but then I explain that Tokyo is actually very far from Fukushima. And they said okay, it’s your decision.

Q2 Yu: Are you prepared for earthquake?

Sam: Probably not. I don’t think so. Like my house or the office?

Yu: Your house.

Sam: I’m from San Francisco, and we have many an earthquake in San Francisco also. So I think I’m used to experience in earthquake, but my house in Japan is old and it’s on the second floor. So if there really big earthquake I’m not sure what I would do. So I really hope there is not. There will be very dangerous. Actually there was earthquake last week? Two weeks ago?

Kohei: Last week.

Sam: It’s pretty big. Like a five point or something? I ran outside, everybody in my apartment building ran outside. It’s very old. So it’s shakes a lot, but I’m leaving in two weeks, so I think I’ll be okay.

Yu: You have to prepare food or water.

Sam: No, I’m nothing. Water? Yes water but no food.

Kohei:OK. Last question.

Q3:How different was the news about March 11 in your country and the news in Japan?

Sam: Uh…I was not in my country. I was in the Indonesia.  When there was theearthquake, I don’t speak Indonesian so I have no idea, but I did watch American news.Uh…It was two things, people very panicked result you know, Japan is ruined. This is oh no,   never been Japan again which is totally not true.Uh…and around the world a lot of people who were very worried then, I mean, American  and Japan are very good friends and  a lot of news casters who really worry about very sad and  they said ,you know, and they want to help Japan whose lots of donations  lots of company who wants to give money to Japan, so two things that is about it.

Yu: What do you think news in  Japan?

Sam: Oh in Japan that’s good question. You know I wasn’t  in Japan. I was in Indonesia and I was in China and I’ll exist home for long time. Because Obirin sudden late, so I get in watch like NHK and Fuji TV and something like that. but I think in back, I try to say I know a lot of people in Japan don’t  trust news and they think maybe people relying and I don’t know I’m not Japanese so it’s very difficult to say but it’s nice to be able to watch  both American and Japan and choose which I think it’s true. It’s very difficult to say.



Thank you Sam.  Lots of country people care about Japan. There can be an earthquake at any moment and It will takes a long time to recovery, but we shouldn’t give up!


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Thoughts on March 11


Hi, my name is Mai, and my partner is Shin. Today we’re going to interview people from abroad about what they thought about the earthquake, which happened on March 11 in Japan.

The first person we’re going to interview is Ka. He’s from China. The second person we’re going to interview is Joyce. She’s from America. Continue reading

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Interview abouit March 11th

Hello everyone. I’m Misaki. And my name’s Rie. Today we are going to interview two English teachers about the earthquake that happened on March.11th 2011. We have the same questions for each person. So let’s start with the first interviewee.

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INTERVIEW about March 11th earthquake


 What did you think when it was March 11th? We suffered the biggest earthquake in Japan for many centuries. For Japanese people an earthquake is not rare, but for most of people from overseas, it is an unusual thing, and there are many overseas students and teachers in Obilin University. So we interviewed two people from abroad about March 11th earthquake to see what they thought.

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palm reading


Hello,my name is Keiko!

Everyone have own palm.So,there is palm reading.Do you believe in palm reading?I believe in palm reading.It is indicates character or the future.There are many books about palm reading.So,we can know easily our luck of love,money and health by ourselves.Also,there are palmists in the world.In Japan,Syuuhei Simada is known by everyone. He is a palmist and comedian.On TV, palmist read famous people’s palm. They guess the famous people fortune. Famous people always have rare palm.So, I think that famous people life are related to their rare palms.

Even more, my friend read her palm by a palmist recently.She said to me,”He guesses my character and happens recently!And,the palmist said to me,I will meet a new boyfriend within two weeks.I was very surprised!”So,she met a new boy friend.I think the palmist’s words were true.I was very surprised.

So,I believe in palm reading.I want palmist to read my palm.I want to know my future.I especially want to know my marriage.How about you?

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How to upload audio

This movie shows you how to upload audio files and turn them into podcast feeds. It also shows you how to upload documents (.doc, pdf etc) to your posts.

How to Upload Audio & Docs to Website

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The power of music


Hi, I’m Yuki. I want to talk about what I believe. I believe in the power of music. I couldn’t live without music. First, people can be encouraged by the music. You feel so fine if you listen to music when you are sad. In fact, I have the experience of music changing my feelings.

Listening to a CD is good but listening to a concert is also good. Especially, in a small concert hall, the distance is close between the audience and musician so we can feel music more close. Also, music festivals are so fun. such as Fuji Rock Festival, Summer Sonic, Punk Spring…and more. We can eat local food, feel relaxed, enjoy a lot of music in festival. A lot of festival will be held in summer.

In March 11, There was an earthquake and tsunami . Musicians collected a donations all over the world. Lady GaGa said “Pray for Japan” and collected much donation. Many Japanese musicians visit stricken areas and sang. Their songs have encouraged victims.

I think that music is common throughout the world and without a border. Anyway, singing a song is fun so you feel happy. Do you believe in the power of music?

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I want to get a job



My name is Chiaki. I believe in getting a job.

I am in 4th year at this college. Now I must do job hunting. However, the economic situation is at its worst now. In addition, companies delayed hiring due to the big earthquake.

To get a job, I believe I must do several things. Continue reading

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What I believe in…


What is your goal in life? My goal is to be an actor. I may have to make massive efforts more than other people who has the same goal as me. Then, what should I do for my goal? Watching a lot of movies? Voice training? Train myself into shape? Of course they are very important things, but

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