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Hi, My name is Yuki Ono. Today I’d like to interview two people from overseas about March 11th earthquake and Tsunami. I want to know what they think about it.


Q1: What were you doing when the earthquake hit?

Q2: The Japanese government take emergency measures for the relief of the victims. What do you think about governmental response after earthquake and tsunami?


First interview is Mr.Robert. He is a teacher.

A1:I was at home in Machida in my house I was recording some music and the house started shaking and I get up I took my dog outside just when I open the door my wife is coming home and when I outside and spoken with neighbors and ………pretty big earthquake that’s right doing at time

A2:Well…it was a big disaster bigger than anybody ever expected or live through before so think the government did the best they could but I don’t believe that there is organized and I don’t think the communicate with other agency this is much is they need to so although they try the best take care people and start clean up the mess yeah they need do more I think the other nuclear crisis many things even worse and a so big challenge for the Japanese government and Japanese people


Next interview is Mr.Juteau. He is a teacher.

A1:I was at home in my house in Tokyo and I was online. I was talking into my daughter on Skype. My daughter goes to university in United States. And the earthquake began. At first I didn’t think I was very big but got bigger and bigger. And finally my daughter told me I should go out of the house so I run out of the house.

A2:It’s very difficult situation. I think the government probably did almost everything they could do to help the victims but I think the government should be done more to take charge of the nuclear plant because I think they allow the tepco to take care the situation themselves for too long and I didn’t know what to do. Also heard stories said other countries offered help in United States enputicular with the nuclear problems at Japan at first didn’t really except help I don’t know that they true but they kind of delay so I think they probably tried do they could help victims. But they probably delayed what they should be doing this fluence nuclear accident.


I interviewed two people from overseas about March 11 earthquake and Tsunami. This earthquake was bigger than people’s expectation. When the earthquake hit, They were at home and began shaking so go out of the house. This action of  people from overseas looks like action of Japanese. About governmental response, They think that response is too late. I think so. Especially, They want to solve the problem of nuclear plant.

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